Cryptocurrency Policy

  • All transactions are buyers responsibility to be done correctly & correct amount
  • Refunds that are approved under our Warranty / Return Policy & refunded by the Crypto amount not $ value.
  • Refunds are sent to the address which they were received from & you must be able to provide the address as well for proof
  • You have within 24 hours to make crypto payment or your order will be canceled
  • If a Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin & Litecoin) is experiencing negative market volatility, that currency will be disabled for a day & you will need to pay with another Cryptocurrency
  • No Exemptions

Refund Example
– Lets say a transaction was for $25.00 would be for example 0.000455 BTC at the time of purchase. 2 days later for example the order was canceled or refunded for some reason, you would receive 0.000455 BTC back regardless of current value of the crypto currency being more or less in $ value, no exemptions.

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