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All in all, Flash Focus: Vision Training In Minutes A Day isn’t a bad purchase for the Nintendo DS. The gameplay is a test of how well wew see things and observe more than meets the eye.

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  • Boost Your Focus Power – Train with quick, fun activities based on vision-training programs used by top athletes.
  • Put eyes to real-world tests – Take a swing at a speeding pitch, outmaneuver incoming linebackers and strike the soccer ball into the goal in fun, sports-based training activities.
  • Pick up and play every day – Users complete daily training activities to challenge Hand-Eye Coordination, Peripheral Vision, Dynamic Visual Acuity, Momentary Vision and Eye Movement, then track their results with a calendar and easy-to-understand charts.
  • Symbol Order – Three symbols flash on the screen in any of the 12 boxes. One symbol appears at a time for only a split second. The challenge is to remember each symbol and then enter all three symbols in the order in which they appeared
  • Box Tap – Furiously tap a series of moving red boxes before they disappear. The more users successfully tap, the higher the score
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